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Khun Bie The Ska, A Famous Youtuber Get Hair Transplant!!!

written by Dr.ORN Clinic Presents

Are you ready for life changing? Stop hiding your baldness and lets us help you by Hair Transplant Procedure at Dr. Orn Clinic

First of all, we have to Thank you Khun Bie for an entrustment in our doctor and teams in order to look after the area of his baldness and selected us to be the one to fixes them.


“As previous time, I don’t think that being baldness will affect in my working life therefore I love to be freedom and always proud to be myself. I used to do so many of hairstyle to presenting to be myself as much as I can until the time passed by and I realize that I’m getting bald. It’s even getting worst on the M area which make me so worried and suffer for everything without exception to prevent myself from this unexpected baldness problem.”


In my working life I got a chance to meet many people in the same business, they introduce me to Doctor Onuma Clinic which is the Hair Transplant Clinic that really reliable and trustworthy by many celebrities in Thailand. As I receive and information I come to visit the clinic directly for a consultation and check out my hairline with the doctor before it getting worst so I decided to improve my character by doing the Hair Transplant with Dr. Orn.


As I am an Owner and I have my own channel on YouTube, it is very important to me to recover myself as fast as I can and FUE hair transplant technique is the perfect selection for a fastest healing. As this procedure is not an operation and I receive the fantastic outcome after the process which is “I’m not bald anymore!!”

After the 8 hours of process, I still can get myself safely back home and it’s not as hurt as I think it will be.

On my second day, I need to come back to clean the wound to recheck if everything is in the correct spot.

On the day 3, I can start doing my work as normal as the wound is healing pretty fast which is very good.


2 weeks later, I need to come back to see the doctor for a follow up. The doctor’s informed that during the first and second months my hair will started to falling as it is the shock loss symptom which will happen mostly in every people who participated in FUE procedure. After the falling the hair will be regrowth again as normal and continually growing like a usual hair.


After passing 3 months, the hair on transplantation area are falling off and starting to regrowth as the doctor already mentioned before and I’m really excited and happy with the results.


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