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        Hair transplant surgery or hair transplant is surgery to replace hair follicles healthy hair to fall out from various causes. In most people with thinning hair, baldness is a genetic problem. Androgenic alopecia, also known as the primary cause of the seller up to 90% in women are the main cause of the 70% rule of thumb is to move my neck to root replanting required.

The reason is that it is caused by a hereditary gene (gene) may have an unusual family history of up to 20% of the cases in which the patient may not want to believe that due to genetics. However, according to family history. Will need to find someone with the same issue, of course.

We can divide the severity of hereditary hair thin as Norwood’s Classification 7th-level violence as follows.



In patients who are just starting. Such as levels 1-2 can be treated by medication or topical, but if you start with more intensity since the third grade and up. The indications to be treated with surgery, hair transplantation has.

    The permanent hair transplant can be done. In patients with hereditary hair thin. Planting can be scarred scalp problems. Or from other immune conditions that cause hair loss.

Why does hair that is stronger than it was neck?

   The study found that hair follicles occipital and temporal sides. Genes are stronger than the hair in the middle of the scalp. And are resistant to stress to the hair follicle. And do not respond to testosterone that stimulate the hair follicles so the longevity of my neck, so I was more than in any other part. Could be called durable life. And move on to the hair follicle, the area planted to other locations of the body. I was still features all the same. It is clear proof that this is so because the hair transplant surgery has a long history since before World War. And those who had surgery in the early days when keeping track of the present. I planted it also being durable. Some may be down somewhat because of the age scale, the more hair is slightly smaller. But there are a lot of growing hair as the new plant. Baldness is a genetic variation is relatively fixed. Consider the illustration, which is formed in the general population studied by Dr. Norwood & Dr.Hamilton.

Results may vary for each person

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