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Blemish Clear Foam
– Cleansing Gel for acne which can clean the skin , helps relieve the inflammation and reduce the accumulation of bacteria, control oil and gently help regenerate skin cells that is the causes of comedone around the pores.

How to use : Wash your face in the morning and in the evening




Deep clear milky lotion
– Wipe out the cosmetics with VIT E which is antioxidant to make the skin brighter.



Essential Toner

– Alcohol-Free Toner, extracted substance of green apple from Switzerland / decrease the accumulation of bacteria + increase the moisture from aloe vera



Perfectly Cleasing Gel

– Cleansing Gel for control oil which clean the skin without oiliness and dirty skin. Caring skin by astaxanthin with anti-oxidant and vitamin E to increase the moisture to skin, decrease the dark spots. And makes the skin soft, smooth, clean and brighter.

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