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Reduce drug blocks the absorption tract 1 (60 / Tablets Sunday II 2 700 II1 m = 1,200).
– Block the high carbo Andretti / flour / no fat in the body. For you immediately after meals That fat is not absorbed into the body by up to 80%.
– Hospital / research would have taken it as a float.
– Reduce the chance of disease fat clots in the veins.




Drug boosts metabolism tract 2.

Remove excess fat and contain L- canitine White Kidney Bean Extract.
Take two tablets morning / noon two tablets (tablets of 20/2 Sunday .- 850 (50 tablets) / monthly 120 tablets for 1200 baht).




Reduce hunger tract 3

 –  Helps control hunger Fussy eating is reduced sedation to concentrate on work better.
Grain prices at 20 baht Eaeamed day morning or before bed 30 tablets monthly 450 baht.
tract 1+ tract 2+ tract 3 monthly 2200 baht per month.

Vitamin skin nutrient

– Vitamin Nourishing Concentrate I suggest you pair two vitamins with antioxidant.
Reviewed by antioxidant vitamins, eat three 1 * 1 tablet daily.
Grain prices at 20 baht a monthly recipe white series in 1200.
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