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Are you ready for life changing? Stop hiding your baldness and lets us help you by Hair Transplant Procedure at Dr. Orn Clinic

First of all, we have to Thank you Khun Bie for an entrustment in our doctor and teams in order to look after the area of his baldness and selected us to be the one to fixes them.


“As previous time, I don’t think that being baldness will affect in my working life therefore I love to be freedom and always proud to be myself. I used to do so many of hairstyle to presenting to be myself as much as I can until the time passed by and I realize that I’m getting bald. It’s even getting worst on the M area which make me so worried and suffer for everything without exception to prevent myself from this unexpected baldness problem.”


In my working life I got a chance to meet many people in the same business, they introduce me to Doctor Onuma Clinic which is the Hair Transplant Clinic that really reliable and trustworthy by many celebrities in Thailand. As I receive and information I come to visit the clinic directly for a consultation and check out my hairline with the doctor before it getting worst so I decided to improve my character by doing the Hair Transplant with Dr. Orn.


As I am an Owner and I have my own channel on YouTube, it is very important to me to recover myself as fast as I can and FUE hair transplant technique is the perfect selection for a fastest healing. As this procedure is not an operation and I receive the fantastic outcome after the process which is “I’m not bald anymore!!”

After the 8 hours of process, I still can get myself safely back home and it’s not as hurt as I think it will be.

On my second day, I need to come back to clean the wound to recheck if everything is in the correct spot.

On the day 3, I can start doing my work as normal as the wound is healing pretty fast which is very good.


2 weeks later, I need to come back to see the doctor for a follow up. The doctor’s informed that during the first and second months my hair will started to falling as it is the shock loss symptom which will happen mostly in every people who participated in FUE procedure. After the falling the hair will be regrowth again as normal and continually growing like a usual hair.


After passing 3 months, the hair on transplantation area are falling off and starting to regrowth as the doctor already mentioned before and I’m really excited and happy with the results.


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      Dr. Onuma is exclusively dedicated herself to the practice of hair transplantation, offering the latest in medical hair restoration and hair transplant techniques for both men and women. She build up well trained staff and established hair transplant center in Bangkok. Moreover she has successfully inagguratted international exchange hair transplant program to becoming the highest standards of medical practice.

     Our commitment is to provide natural looking hair transplant, less pain, less payment but you can get the most effective outcome. And we will take care of you like our family.  

LASER assisted rapid hairline design

Hairline placement is important. It frames the face and has the most impact on a patient’s appearance. Instead of a monotonous universal bell shape, the hairline should be designed to match the individual’s facial contour for the best aesthetic result. 

 Results may vary for each person

Results may vary for each person


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             The latest technology to treat hair loss. This laser is suitable for both men and women. It is painless and very effective. The medical treatment for hair loss alone may not be enough to maintain your healthy and shiny black hair. Not only that , laser treatment after hair transplant surgery can also strengthen the hair bulb. To solve the problem of hair loss , It is very important to use the new technology along together to achieve the expected results


Hair loss treatment is done with a laser , which comprises a large number of LED lamps .

The beam can treat hair loss and deep into the pores. Skin and scalp thoroughly I give you back the thick black shiny and healthy again.

Laser technology is also a kind one. Include LED and laser hair loss treatment to three different types which include .

  1. Cold laser beam red wavelength 630nm.
  2. Laser cooling 460nm wavelength blue light
  3. Laser Cooling Yellow beam wavelength of 580nm

Cold laser beam red wavelength 630 nm


Cold laser beam red wavelength 630nm (the 630nm red laser light).Laser wavelength red light of wavelength       630 nm, cell metabolism and helps accelerate the flow of blood . The oxygen and nutrients to nourish the skin and penetrates deep into the hair follicle . It also inhibits the function of various substances that are harmful to the hair, such as a hormone is a major problem of hair loss and baldness.  It accelerates the growth of hair. Strengthen the cells of the hair cells. Add thickness and elasticity I am black and shiny again.Laser cooling Beam blue wavelength 460nm (the 460nm blue laser light).


Laser cooling 460nm wavelength blue light




The blue laser beam has the range of 450 – 500 nanometre which help balancing skin’s condition, reduce oiliness in skin and blackhead.  However, it’s not suitable for patient who has melasma issue.


Laser Cooling Yellow beam wavelength of 580nm



The yellow laser beam has the range of 580 nanometre which solves sensitive head skin, flaky head, itchy and scurf. This also prevents dandruff and dead scalp peeling off.  It’s not only an excellent result from Dr. Orn laser’s hair-loss treatment.  All the 3 laser beams does also support the quality of your scalp that absolutely gain back your confidence. 

The benefits of treating hair loss by using LASER HAIR THERAPY.

– Increased strength and elasticity to the hair.

– Bushy black hair shiny, soft and thick.

– Restores hair growth better.

– Repair of damaged hair from the chemicals in the perm and hair coloring.

– Stimulate and increase blood flow to the scalp.

– Eliminates dandruff, dry scalp the skills it geneticist and itching.

The frequency of treatment

Recommended treatment 2-3 times, each time for about 30 minutes, the heat does not hurt the results, it can be clearly observed at 3 months after treatment. The treatment can be combined with other programs such as deep hair cell or mesohair.


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        Hair transplant surgery or hair transplant is surgery to replace hair follicles healthy hair to fall out from various causes. In most people with thinning hair, baldness is a genetic problem. Androgenic alopecia, also known as the primary cause of the seller up to 90% in women are the main cause of the 70% rule of thumb is to move my neck to root replanting required.

The reason is that it is caused by a hereditary gene (gene) may have an unusual family history of up to 20% of the cases in which the patient may not want to believe that due to genetics. However, according to family history. Will need to find someone with the same issue, of course.

We can divide the severity of hereditary hair thin as Norwood’s Classification 7th-level violence as follows.



In patients who are just starting. Such as levels 1-2 can be treated by medication or topical, but if you start with more intensity since the third grade and up. The indications to be treated with surgery, hair transplantation has.

    The permanent hair transplant can be done. In patients with hereditary hair thin. Planting can be scarred scalp problems. Or from other immune conditions that cause hair loss.

Why does hair that is stronger than it was neck?

   The study found that hair follicles occipital and temporal sides. Genes are stronger than the hair in the middle of the scalp. And are resistant to stress to the hair follicle. And do not respond to testosterone that stimulate the hair follicles so the longevity of my neck, so I was more than in any other part. Could be called durable life. And move on to the hair follicle, the area planted to other locations of the body. I was still features all the same. It is clear proof that this is so because the hair transplant surgery has a long history since before World War. And those who had surgery in the early days when keeping track of the present. I planted it also being durable. Some may be down somewhat because of the age scale, the more hair is slightly smaller. But there are a lot of growing hair as the new plant. Baldness is a genetic variation is relatively fixed. Consider the illustration, which is formed in the general population studied by Dr. Norwood & Dr.Hamilton.

Results may vary for each person

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